Photos, Videos, etc have returned


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Jun 22, 2007
For some concerned members of this site, several photos, videos and even audios, had disappeared from various topics posted on this site.

They were very special because they told a story in themselves. They highlighted the individual topic.

A few days ago I was able to contact the BOSS here, FDNY LT Tommy Bendick, about it. He's a busy guy but he said that he would look into it and I just left it at that. If anybody could figure this out, "he would".

One of our most popular topics here, "Glory Days" by "Johnny Gage", aka Dan Potter, had been missing some of those photos posted earlier on. In some cases the photos were what the discussion at the time was all about. There were others of course too.

I didn't realize it but Mr Gage had contacted me tonight (3/10) to tell me that the photos are now back on the site. Of course I thanked Tommy for getting them back for us.

Tommy now tells me that he's got to find a way to prevent that from happening again. Any of us that know The Boss, Tommy B., will pretty much tell you that if there's a way to do that, Tommy Bendick will find out and take care of it.

Thanks again Tom. Once again we are able to enjoy those photos etc.