Runs/workers 1964-1976


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Jun 22, 2007
As I understand it, the runs/workers were originally started by a gentleman named Ira Hoffman, who at the time was a buff of Engine Co 290.

Later, Ira also ran a store in Hudson, Mass where he started that web site offering many fire dept items such as books, videos, cd's, etc. Not just from the FDNY but other depts as well. I think he ran that business for about 30 - 35 years before he recently retired and sold it to a new owner who still offers various fire dept items.

It was Ira's store and web site that I purchased many FDNY books, CDs, Videos.
Books by guys like; Mike Dick, aka "mikeindabronx", Dennis Smith, the late Tom Wanstall, and the late Alex Douchin.
CDs - Radio traffic of FDNYs July 4th featuring non stop action. Also the first WTC Bombing of February, 1992 (?).
Videos/DVDs - FDNYs Brothers in Battle, along with several others.

I hope that Ira will become a member of this site, if he hasn't already.

Thank you to Ira Hoffman for giving so many of us the opportunity to purchase these now, "Fire Dept Collector items" and for your starting of the FDNY Runs/Workers.

In my days of buffing the FDNY, it was your numbers that I would base my buffing location Hang Out, of the "Hot Spots" where the most work was.