Some info on Yonkers Fire Department


Mar 5, 2007
    My relationship with Y.F.D. goes back 50 yrs. When I started going to fires with my late father and the Civil Defense Rescue, we would supply any support necessary except  fire fighting.  My father had many friends on the job. That and the fact that we kept our trucks at Station 9 was my  introduction to the fire service which would become my life- long love and the profession that would support my Family. I was invited at an early age into their inner sanctum.  There is a saying in the firehouse, ?what you hear and what you see here let it stay here?.  I was told by a wise man, my father; keep my eyes open and my mouth shut. I had no right to criticize an individual company or action. This is something that these young people on some of these sites, who are still wet behind the ears, should remember. A couple of classes and a few nights at the firehouse doesn?t make you an expert.
    From the beginning I was awed by what these men were able to do. My dreams were to work along side of my idols. Due to the fact that I was able to get appointed to the FDNY one month after being discharged from the army, I settled for what I thought was the 2nd best at the time.  In my time I had the privilege to work with and see some of the best firemen the F.D.N.Y. and Y.F.D. have.
    Since 1961 I have seen many changes in the YFD.  They were riding with 3 men at that time, and 1 may be acting as the Lt. Today every rig has 1 Officer and 3 firemen. For years they were forced to use equipment that had seen better days or had to accept rigs that were not of the best grade. There were times that truck companies had to use an engine for transportation or even a car. I have read on another site that Y.F.D. was wasting money on apparatus. Having a reserved fleet fully equipped ready for any emergencies, shows what a progressive leadership can do. These gains were achieved by the hard work and aggressive union leaders such as Tommy Flynn.  None of this would have been possible without the cooperation of the capable men leading the Department.  Their dealings with City Hall must be an on- going struggle in order to attain the best for the citizens of Yonkers.
As a resident of Yonkers I, along with my family, would like to take this time to thank them.
May God protect and guide the Y.F.D. and the F.D.N.Y.  May He also watch over all firefighters and their families.



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Dec 26, 2007
I second what John says. At my job, we interact with the YFD and YPD and they are both first class professional depts, a pleasure to work with.


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Aug 9, 2008
Amen. Never had any problems dealing with YFD on either side of the radio. Great folks all around.