St .Pats Parade in Boston FYI.


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Dec 20, 2006
Boston?s 2008 Saint Patrick?s Day Parade​

Boston Firefighters Local 718 will not be participating in the 2008 Saint Patrick?s Day Parade in Boston. The Local has made a decision to skip this year?s event due to the ongoing attack by the Mayor and other city official against every member of this local.

We feel and know that the city will use any incident and spin it in a negative way to discredit the good men and women of this local.

Boston Firefighters Local 718 IAFF is asking all outside departments not to participate in uniform at this year?s Saint Patrick?s Day Parade in Boston.   

Please come to the City of Boston and enjoy the culture and spirit of the holiday; ?just don?t march in the parade?

Ed Kelly   
Boston Firefighters
Local 718 IAFF   

Ralph Dowling
Recording Secretary
Boston Firefighters
Local 718 IAFF