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Mar 11, 2021
After no replies on here have tried to do my own list, up to June 2019


Car-1 (Fire Commiss Daniel A. Nigro)
Car-1A (Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio)
Car-1B (Executive Officer To The Fire Commissioner Mark Guerra)
Car-1C (Fire Commissioner Liaison)
Car-1D (Fire Commissioner Security Detail Robert Cashman)
Car-1E (Fire Commissioner Security Detail John McCarthy)
Car-2 (1st Deputy Commissioner Laura Kavanagh)
Car-2B (Deputy Commissioner For Support Services John Benanti)
Car-2C (Deputy Commissioner Public Information Francis Gribbon)
Car-2D (Deputy Commissioner Administration)
Car-2E (Deputy Commissioner For Technology Edward M. Dolan)
Car-2F (Chief Medical Officer DR. David Prezant MD)
Car-2G (Deputy Commissioner For Legal Affairs Terryl Brown)
Car-2H (Press Secretary F/F James F. Long)
Car-3 (Chief of Department John Sudnik)
Car-3A (Executive Officer To The Chief Of Department Capt. Thomas Coleman)
Car-4 (Chief of Fire Operations Thomas Richardson)
Car-4A (Assistant Chief of Operations AC John J Hodgens)
Car-4B (Chief Of Administration (Operation) DAC Daniel Donoghue)
Car-4C (Chief Of Operations Administration AC John Hodgens)
Car-4D (Chief Of Counter Terrorism & Emergency Preparedness DAC Thomas J. Curraro )
Car-4H (Deputy Assistant Chief Of Planning Frederick Villani)
Car-4R (Reserve Command Chief)
Car-5 (Chief Of EMS Lillian A Bonsignore)
Car-6 (Manhatten Borough Commander DAMichael Ajello)
Car-6A (Manhattan Deputy Borough Commander DAC Michael Gala Jr)

Car-7 (Brooklyn Borough Commander DAC Wayne Cartwright)
Car-8 (Staten Island Borough Commander AC Richard Howe)
Car-9 (Queens Borough Commander AC Edward Baggott)
Car-10 (Bronx Borough Commander DAC Joseph Woznica)
Car-11 (Chief Of Special Operations Command DAC John Esposito)
Car-11A (Chief of Rescue Operations DC Joseph Cunningham)
Car-11B (Chief of HazMat Operations DC Nicholas Delre)
Car-11C (Chief of Marine Operations BC Frank Simpson)
Car-11D (Chief of Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness BC Timothy Rice)
Car-11F (Chief of Foam Operations BC Steven Sanfilippo)
Car-12 (Chief of Safety Command AC Paul Cresci)
Car-12A (Executive Officer to the Chief of Safety Command DAC )
Car-12B (Safety Liaison BC Edward Walsh)
Car-13 (Chief of Fire Prevention DAC John J Buckheit)
Car-13A (Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention DAC
Car-13B (DAC )
Car-14 (Chief Fire Marshal Thomas Kane)
Car-14A (Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Michael Durkin)
Car-15 (Chief of Training AC Anthony W Dr Vita Jr)
Car-15A (Chief of Fire Academy Randall's Island DAC Brendan McSweeny)
Car-15B (Chief of Fire Academy Fort Totten DC Theodore Wienclaw)
Car-15C (Fire Academy R.I Executive Officer BC Thomas Robson)
Car-15E (Chief of Fire Academy Randall's Island
Car-16 (Chief of Dispatch Operations AC Stephen Raynis)
Car-16A (Assistant Commissioner Communications Gerard Neville)
Car-16B (Director Fire Communications Deirdre Evans)
Car-16C (Director Fire Alarm Dispatch Steven Magliardo)
Car-16D (Deputy Director Fire Alarm Dispatch Brian Kuntz)
Car-16E (Deputy Director Fire Alarm Dispatch Ann O'Brien)
Car-16G (OIC of the Field Comm Unit Kevin Trudden)
Car-16J (Chief Dispatcher for tech services & Accreditation Nicholas Lamberti)
Car-16K (Brooklyn Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher Joseph Perrone)
Car-16M (Manhattan Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher Richard Pressler)
Car-16P (PSAC Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher James Martin)
Car-16Q (Queens Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher Juan Gonzalez)
Car-16S (Staten Island Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher Patricia Wright)
Car-16T (Training Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher Richard Farino)
Car-16X (Bronx Chief Fire Alarm Dispatcher Jeffrey Feinsilver)
Car-17 (Chief of Personnel Fire B.C Michael Massucci)
Car-17A (Bureau Of Personnel B.C William Hartman)
Car-17B (Fire Liaison to NYPD Capt Brian Curran)
Car-22 (Assistant Commissioner Fleet Service Mark Aronberg)
Car-22A (Executive Director Andy Diamond)
Car-22B (Fleet Director Louie Morbelli)
Car-22C (Fleet Director Timonthy Ramos)
Car-22D (Deputy Fleet Director Hugh Mcallister)
Car-22E (Deputy Fleet Director Rick Vella)
Car-22F (Supervisor Mechanics Stephen Marshall)

Update: From different videos from the past 3 months by "Skyler Fire" and "THEMAJESTIRIUM1" on YouTube

Queens Borough Commander; Deputy Assistant Chief - Fred P. Schaaf
Bronx Borough Commander; Deputy Assistant Chief - John A. Sarrocco

Assistant Chief of Special Operations Command - John M. Esposito
Deputy Assistant Chief of Safety Command - Michael V. Meyers
Deputy Assistant Chief of the Fire Academy - Frank A. Leeb


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Dec 24, 2020
What happened to the COD?

Effective 0900 hours, Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Chief of Operations Thomas J. Richardson is designated as Acting Chief of Department until further orders.

Effective 0900 hours, Thursday, March 25, 2021, Assistant Chief of Operations John J. Hodgens is designated as Acting Chief of Operations.

Effective 0900 hours, Thursday, March 25, 2021, Assistant Chief Richard J. Blatus, Bureau of Operations, is designated as Acting Assistant Chief of Operations


Mar 11, 2021
DAC Cartwright, AC Baggott & DC Wienclaw retired
DC - Theodore C. Wienclaw
+ When (Day/Month/Year)
+ What was his last Assignment (Chief of ?)

AC - Wayne T. Cartwright
+ When (Day/Month/Year)
+ What was his last Assignment (Chief of ?)

AC - Edward J. Baggott
+ When (Day/Month/Year)
+ What was his last Assignment (Chief of ?)


Mar 11, 2021
You can look at the most recent Medal day book that was published in April 2021 for the staff chiefs.
2020 Medal day
Its 2021 not 2020, plus 4 Chiefs are retired and 1 promotion
+ Bureau of Fire Investigations: Chief Fire Marshal - Thomas G. Kane, (Retired: 2nd Nov 2020)

+ Bureau of Fire Operations: Assistant Chief - Wayne T. Cartwright, (Ret: 28th Jan 2021)
+ Bureau of Fire Operations: Assistant Chief - Joseph M. Woznica, (Ret: 29th Oct 2020)

+ Bureau of Fire Prevention: Deputy Assistant Chief - John J. Buckheit, (Ret: 1st Oct 2020)

+ Deputy Chief of Uniformed Personnel - Michael J. Massucci, (now a Dep.Asst.Chief)
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