Updating Youtube links before site changeover


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Jun 22, 2007
Over the last few months since the site changeover, if you go back you may notice that a lot of the youtube links don't work anymore.

In my own case, I sometimes would go in and try to RETYPE the entire link and hope that it works. It takes time to do each one.

Recently retired B/C Jack Kleehaas, aka "68jk09", contacted me about changing one of the youtube links I had posted on this site before our changeover.

He told me a very easy way to do that without trying to retype the entire link and maybe making a mistake.

Simply go to the post where you posted one of your youtube links. Of course it would be BEFORE our newer site changeover.

Click on "EDIT" then "SAVE".

I just did one I put up in "The Ventures/Days of Doo Wop" - page 23, reply 459 dated 1/21/2020.

It works GREAT - BUT - It can only be done by the person who posted it.

Thanks Chief JK for that info. It sure saves a lot of time.