Wolrd Firefighters Games 2026 - Hamburg 2026


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Dec 20, 2006
Hey Everyone.

Met a few brothers over in Germany that are trying to get the World Firefighter Games in 2026 to be hosted in Hamburg.
They are looking for support of anyone that is willing to put a video together.
The videos are mostly 30 seconds long and in firefighter gear. Feel free to include a little joke as well, like:
We are looking forward to Hamburg 2026 the home of the Cheeseburger or Hamburg with the famous "Minatur Wunderland".

See below..

Moin Moin or Hello,
from the beautiful port city of Hamburg, in the north of Germany.
We would love to have your support in our application for the 16th World Firefighter Games (WFG) 2026!
You would help us a lot with short videos of you. We would cut the videos and add a subtitle. The idea is to create a big video with athletes from all over the world to submit with our application. If Hamburg wins the competition, we would like to use your video again on social media. We believe that we have your consent if you support us with videos. But it would be very nice if you could also write down this consent in your reply email.

We are looking forward to a video that contains the following:
- Format 9:16 portrait
- You speak in your own language
Please send us your spoken text also written in English, then we can add a subtitle.
- Introduction: Name, nation and hometown.
- That you would like Hamburg to be the venue for the World Firefighters Games, or that you are looking forward to World Firefighters Games in Hamburg.

- Bonus / Extra:
You say in the video what is especially important to you at the World Firefighters Games.
You send us a short video of you doing sports.

Please send your videos by 31.07.2022 to tfa-team.hamburg@web.de, for the transmission of the files you can use for example this free site: https://wetransfer.com

Thank you for your support