Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 01-23-13


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 01-23-13
Time: 0035hrs
Location: 138 Hawthorne Ave X Herriot St.
Description: Fire top floor of a 4-story OMD.

0035hrs- Caller reporting fire, hung up.
E-303, 304, 306, 308; TL-71, 74; B-1, R-1

0036hrs- B-1, E-303 on location.

0037hrs- B-1 10-29 (Working Fire), 10-30 (All-Hands) fire top floor of a 4-story frame OMD.
Exposure 1- Street, Exposure #2- 3-story MD (2-foot alley), Exposure #3- Yard, Exposure #4- 2.5-story frame attached

0040hrs- B-1 S/C extra Engine. E-308 FAST.

0041hrs- 2nd Alarm transmitted by B-1. B-2 unavailable. One unit on the 2nd will be Safety.
2nd Alarm: E-307, 309, 72
**Several ordinarily assigned 2nd Alarm companies on an activated fire alarm**

0044hrs- B-1 rpts (2) L/S/O, fire on the 4th floor.

0045hrs- B2 available and responding.

0048hrs- B-1 req. 309 to stand-by hydrant on Riverdale Ave. E-309/L-72 to come up Hawthorne from the south. Trucks opening up the roof.

0058hrs- B-1 req. Con Ed, Red Cross.

0008hrs- B-1 rpts A/C/W, making progress. B-2 is Interior Sector Chief. E-307 Officer is Safety. Sq-11 relocating to Station 1.

0133hrs- B-1 rpts A/C/W. Primary and Secondary (-). Co's hitting pockets on the top floor. Additional holes being cut in the roof. 

0201hrs- Fire U/C.