Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 02-23-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 02-23-21
Time: 1557hrs
Location: 147 Scott Ave X Hyatt Ave
Description: Heavy fire throughout a 1.5 story dwelling

1557hrs- Caller rpts fire from an electrical outlet and a mattress on fire.
E-313, 307, Squad 11, 304; L-73, 74, R-1, B-2

1601hrs- E-313/L-73 on location with heavy smoke showing from 1st floor, transmitting 10-29 (Working Fire). B-2 req FAST enroute.
FAST: L-75

1606hrs- B-2 transmitting 10-30 (All-Hands). B-1 responding as SAFETY

1611hrs- B-2 rpts (2) L/S, fire in a 1.5 story P/D. Fire showing from the 1st floor front. Exposure problem #2 side. Co's making entry, primary underway.

1623hrs- B-2 rpts (4) L/S, heavy clutter throughout the structure. Primary delayed. fire showing from the venthole in the roof.

1624hrs- PD has residents on the block, rpt structure should be unoccupied.

1634hrs- B-2 rpts co's still having difficulty operating inside due to clutter. Setting up master streams.

1640hrs- S/C E-306

1642hrs- Relocating E-309 to Sta. 13

1645hrs- B-2 rpts all companies removed from the building. (2) ladder pipes going into operation.

1648hrs- Car 4 transmitting 2nd Alarm. 2nd Alarm engine co's to hit hydrants on Bronx River Road and proceed up Scott Ave.
2nd Alarm E-309, 303; L-71

1657hrs- Car 4 rpts heavy fire through the roof. No exposure problems.

1708hrs- Car 4 rpts (2) ladder pipes, multiple handlines in operation. Fire throughout the attic and through the roof.

1720hrs- Car 4 rpts fire darkening down. E-310 relocating to Station 3.

1724hrs- Car 4 releasing E-309

1732hrs- Car 4 rpts shutting down master streams, (1) L/S/O interior.

1744hrs- Car 4 rpts fire under control. All co's still working.
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