Yonkers, NY 2nd Alarm 02-28-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 02-28-21
Time: 0053hrs
Location: 423 Odell Ave X Clover/Bellevue Ave North
Description: Fully involved 2.5-story dwelling

0053hrs- Caller reports a fire near Odell X Nepperhan, unsure of address.
E-310, 312, 309, 308' L-75, 72; R-1, B-2

0054hrs- Now numerous calls for a house on fire on Odell Ave. B-1 responding as Safety.

0059hrs- E-310 on location with a 2.5-story dwelling fully involved.

0059hrs- B-2 transmitting 10-30 (All-Hands)
Squad 11, L-71

0108hrs- CMD rpts Exposure 1- Street, Exposure 2- 2-story P/D 30 foot separation, Exposure 3- Rear Yard, Exposure 4- 2-story dwelling 20-foot separation.

0109hrs- Car 4 transmitting 2nd Alarm. Engines on 2nd Alarm to bring water from Nepperhan Ave
2nd Alarm: E-306, 314, L-70

0114hrs- Car 4 rpts Car 4 will be Odell Command, B-2 Operations, B-1 Safety. Partial collapse, setting up master streams. Still numerous calls for a fire, visible from a distance. Exposure line in operation on #4 side. TL-75 set up in front.

0123hrs- Car 4 rpts no searches conducted due to volume of fire. No exposure problems ATT. Defensive operations.

0132hrs- Car 4 rpts interior collapse. All co's still working exterior operations. (1) deck gun, (1) tower ladder, numerous handlines in operation.

0155hrs- Req. additional PD units for cars driving over hoselines on Nepperhan Ave

0156hrs- Car 4 rpts interior collapse of all floors. Fire darkening down.

0156hrs- Car 4 rpts collapse of exterior walls, conducting PAR.

0208hrs- Car 4 rpts all members accounted for.

0308hrs- Car 4 rpts fire U/C.
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