Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 09-13-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 09-13-21
Time: 1803hrs
Location: 373 Saw Mill River Road X Agar St
Description: MVA with power lines down. 1-story commercial with service lines burning on the roof.

1802hrs- Unit on scene of an MVA with a pole snapped in half and wires across the roadway, req, full assignment for smoke form the rear of a building.
E-310, 312, Squad 11, 309; L-75, 72; B-2

1804hrs- B-2 rpts 1-story commercial with wires burning on the roof. Req. PD forthwith for traffic.

1814hrs- B-2 transmitting the 10-30 (All-Hands). B-1 responding from another assignment.
10-30: E-307, L70FAST

1829hrs- B2 transmitting the 2nd Alarm. Req. L-71 to enter from Worth St to the rear of the building.
E306, 310; L71

1831hrs- B2 rpts (3) LS, 1 in operation. Still awaiting Con Ed to arrive. Small pocket of fire on the 2/3 corner of the roof.

1837hrs- Car 3 on location assuming command. B2 is Operations, B1 Safety. Owner is reporting propane in the garage area.

1853hrs- Car 3 rpts all companies removed from the building due to the electrical condition. Con Ed supervisor on location.

1905hrs- Con Ed has cut the power.

1915hrs- Car 3 rpts all companies working. (3) LS, co's opening up the roof.

1938hrs- Car 3 rpts under control.
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