Yonkers, NY- 4th Alarm 01-06-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 01-06-21
Time: 1813hrs
Location: 1 Glenwood Ave X Ravine Ave
Description: Fire on 3rd floor of a high rise OMD

1813hrs- Numerous calls for a fire on 3rd floor with people trapped
E-308, 309, 303, 310; L-72, 71; R-1; B-2

1817hrs- E-308 on location with fire showing from #4 side.

1818hrs- B-2 transmitting the 10-30 while enroute.
All-Hands: Squad 11, L-75; B-1

1821hrs- Still receiving numerous calls for people trapped and on balconies

1827hrs- B-2 transmitting 2nd Alarm
2nd Alarm: E-306, 312, L-74

1842hrs- B-1 transmitting 3rd Alarm. Still numerous reports of people trapped. Occupants on balconies above the fire. Ground ladders going to the rear for occupants in windows.
3rd Alarm: E-304, 314, L-73

1947hrs- S/C METU (medical bus) from YPD ESU to the scene. M/A into the city for cover.

1849hrs- Car 3 now IC/Glenwood Command. B-2 Operations, B-1 Safety

1850hrs- Occupant yelling from a balcony on 5th floor rpts a infant not breathing.

1850hrs- Car 3 transmitting the 4th Alarm. 4th Alarm units responding with a delay from another assignment, M/A still enroute to the city.
4th Alarm: E-307, L-70

1851hrs- Additional M/A for cover. EMS transporting (2) at this time.

Mutual Aid:
New Rochelle E-22/ L-12 (to Station 12)
Eastchester TL-17 (to Station 3)
Greenville Squad 15 (to Station 3)
Mount Vernon E-204 (to Station 13)
Hartsdale E-170 (to Station 14)

1909hrs- Car 3 rpts fire K/D and under control. Units still assisting numerous residents reportedly in distress and venting upper floors.

1951hrs- Car 3 rpts roll call for PAR complete, all members accounted for.

2020hrs- METU operational on Ravine Ave just south of Glenwood with Empress EMS.

2040hrs- Empress transporting (4) to Westchester Medical Center

2047hrs- Empress transporting additional (4) patients.

2040hrs- METU operational with E
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