Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 02-01-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 02-01-21
Time: 2139hrs
Location: 208 Remsen Road X Croydon Road
Description: Fire in the walls of a P/D.

2139hrs- Caller rpts smoke coming from behind the oven, oven is off.
E-314, Squad 11, 312, 310; L-70, 75; R-1, B-2

2145hrs: E-314 rpts 2-story frame, smoke from the house.

2146hrs- E-314 rpts 10-29 (Working Fire)

2147hrs- L-70 rpts fire in walls behind stove, opening up.

2153hrs- B-2 transmitting 10-30 (All-Hands) rpts (1) LSO, attempting to locate source.
10-30: E-307, L-73FAST, B-1

2202hrs- B-2 (3) L/S, (1) in operation. Co's have located the seat of fire.

2203hrs- Redirecting E-307 to another full assignment on the west side. E-313 now enroute.

2209hrs- B-2 rpts visible fire on the 3/3 corner. (2) lines in operation.

2224hrs- B-2 rpts (4) LS, fire K/D.