Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 10-04-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 10-04-21
Time: 1352hrs
Location: 455 North Broadway X Shonnard X Lake
Description: Fire in a garden apartment complex

1352hrs- Several calls for a fire, two callers on Hudson Ter.
E-309, 308, 310, 303 L-72, 72; R-1, B-1

1355hrs- E-308 rpts smoke showing on the hill.

1356hrs- L-72 rpts smoke showing on North Broadway.

1356hrs- 10-30 (All-hands) transmitted
10-30: Squad 11, L-75 FAST, B-2 Safety

1358hrs- B-1 req, 3rd and 4th due engine to secure a water source. E-309, L-72 are in the complex.

1400hrs- B-1 rpts fire in a 3-story garden apartment complex. Heavy fire showing from the rear of (1) unit. Heavy smoke pushing from the front.

1405hrs- B-1 rpts (2) L/S, water on the fire, additonal lines being stretched. E-310 has hydrant on North Broadway.

1408hrs- EMS for occupant with smoke inhalation. Squad 11 picking up hydrant on Hudson Terr and cutting through fence to exposure 3 side.

1421hrs- B1 rpts multiple lines stretched front and rear. Making good progress. Co's rpt collapse of 2nd floor to the 1st. Co's opening up the roof for fire in the cockloft.

1428hrs- B-1 rpts fire darkening down. Roll call being conducted of members.

1430hrs- All members accounted for.

1434hrs- S/C additional Engine.
S/C: E-306

1438hrs- B-1 rpts most visible fire K/D. Still have pockets in the apartment.