You are part of History in the Making


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Jun 22, 2007
Members of this site, today January 3, 2019, you are part of "History in the Making".

It all began here on February 12, 2012. With 147 pages later and 2,202 replies, the "original" FDNY and NYC Firehouse and Fire Companies, which was started by site member "mack" and viewed by many of you over those years, and still is viewed by you, today in the "History Section" has now reached OVER ONE MILLION Views. Actually as of approximately 11:30 hours today the total was 1,000,017 views.

Thank you "mack" for all the effort you have put into this thread for us, and thank you to FDNYs Retired Capt "jbendick" and FDNYs Lt "tbendick" for making it all happen. 

So members of, join in as the celebration begins.