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    8/1/20 Bronx 10-75 Box 4779

    Should be 88/38 before 79/37, 42. Still working at 3128? Not sure of time sequence on these events.
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    7/7/2020 Bronx All Hands 10-77 Box 3321

    88/38 normally 3d due. The truck made it in...88 out elsewhere?
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    04/13/20 Bridgeport, CT 2d Alarm

    29 Laurel Ct, Bridgeport. Signal 29, report of fire in occupied MD. People still inside.  Subsequent report of person down inside garage. Es 3,4,7,1(RIT) Ls 5,11, R5, B1, Safety 1 2d Alarm Es 12, 6 L 6 MAYDAY transmitted for L5 member. E 16, L10 dispatched. MAYDAY canceled. Roll call, all...
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    10-75 Box 3102

    Address 1984 Daly Ave at E 178 St. ALL HANDS op 2 story pd. BN 18 gave 10-75. L41 FAST 1ls/io PWH 1147 hrs; UC 1151 hrs Probably 45 88 90 46.  58 38 41F. BN 18, 19. R3 S61 D7 L56 Salvage. relocated L59/38, L17/58, E79/45, 68/88
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    Detroit power outage

    Anybody know how the Detroit FD handled this situation, as if they didn't have enough stuff to deal with?
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    Some discussion over the years on the forum about the sound of the buckeye. Found an old training video that has it. Near the very end of the video (7 minute mark) Engine 30 is seen responding and you can hear the sound almost drowning out the siren.
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    Election night

    I have memories as a kid of the annual election night bonfire,  right there on the middle of my street corner in the Bronx. The older boys would build it using cardboard boxes and wooden fruit crates gathered from the local "grocery stores" and "fruit markets" that greatly outnumbered the A&P or...
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    Football Sundays

    Ever notice how quiet the Bronx gets when there are big football games on the TV?
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    FDNY FF's save man's life on Arthur Ave
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    Box 3425 Major Gas Leak

    Major gas leak reported Vicinity Waring and Bronxwood Aves Several incidents initially reported as a water main, fire, and gas leak. it was actually a major gas leak at that intersection. Numerous Homes evacuated. many units on the scene including E's. 97 90 62 66 38 88  S61 S41 R3 L's 41 51 38...
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    All Hands Box 3552

    Just in at aprox 1725 hrs All Hands Box 3552 111 East Mosholu Pkwy N., btw Kossuth and Steuben Aves. Fire in apt on 4th floor of 6-story MD, 175x100 1ls/io UC at 1738 hrs Return Special Units probably 79 62 48 81      32 37 56FAST Bn27 Bn19 S61 R3 For the record, mikeindabronx got in first...
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    snorkels vs tower ladders

    Looking at the photos of the multiple alarm in Chicago in the National section, I notice Chicago ladders 39 and 54 using tower ladders. As discussed in another thread, Chicago pioneered the use of snorkels. The FDNY rejected the articulated boom and introduced the straight stick tower ladder a...
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    Mack R rigs

    I used to buff E91, 91-2, and L43 in the late 60's, early 1970's, guest of one of the Irishmen in the house who also owned pubs in the Bronx. (If I remember correctly, a case of Shaffer was the price of admission to quarters.) I was there the day the local parish priest blessed 91-2's new R...
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    Ward LaFrance rigs

    When the WLF Firebrands went into service in1960 they were nicknamed "The Pagoda" by the firefighters because the cab looked like it had been designed in Chinatown. This was not a popular buy for the men. They felt it a step back in the quality of equipment, as they had with the purchase of the...
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    Anyone know why L 164 Was relocated to TL41 today?