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    Staten Island question?

    I know this topic has been discussed several times. I know for several different reasons they won't put a squad on the Island,  but if they did which company would be the best fit in terms of location. 
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    Rescue, Safety & Haz-Mat Battalions Question?

    Are there more that one person assigned to each of these battalions. Like say on each tour, or how does that work.
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    Busiest Engine & Tower Ladder in Queens.

    I am currently kit-bashing Code 3 to reflect the busiest Engine and Ladder Companies.  I don't really keep up with Queens that much and would just like to know the Busiest Engine & Tower Ladder in the borough.
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    Brooklyn Companies Responding Into Manhattan!

    Just a quick question.  Which Brooklyn company responds the most to Manhattan. Also there was a post a while back when the night shut down of Engine 4 occured and stated that a Brooklyn engine company would pick up the work. Can anyone tell me what engine company that would be. Thanks for...
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    Updated Combo?

    Heard a couple of relocating companys asking for an updated combo of the station there relocating to?  Just wondering what this is. Thanks 8)
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    TAC Command Units

    Saw where a TAC Command unit was on the 4th in Brooklyn.  What are these units and what are they used for. 
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    Engine 16 Ladder 7

    How busy are they!  Thinking about getting these trucks kitbashed for my collection.  I notice over on Mikes site that Ladder 7 has an assortment of boxes on it. Thanks Jamey
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    Manhattan Haz-Mat 12-17-07

    Anyone have a rundown on the Haz-Mat incident at the Fox Studios Building from today.