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    High Pressure Hose

    What do the green discharge elbows mean?
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    Foam 247

    Airport hose wagons also
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    New Seagraves

    Might they make the current SQ8 a spare once the new squad engine arrives? There is no "newer" spare available? Just the 2001? 2002? squads?
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    NEW 2020 Silverados Divisions and Battalions

    The Tahoe and Yukon is not available with a V8 diesel, simple as that.
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    Boro Frequencies

    Do any of the chiefs/special units have portable radios with the boro/citywide frequencies in them? Do the command post radios have the boro frequencies in them? Command is not usually run out of a chief's vehicle so how does the chief or aide talk to the dispatcher?
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    Special Unit Voice Alarm

    Obviously everyone is familiar with the "BEEE-DOOO        SPECIAL UNIT" but how does that work say for example at Rescue 3 where there are two special units, rescue and RAC. Do the members have to wait for housewatch to read off the run and ring out the companies to know who got a job or does...
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    Borough Command Vehicles

    What vehicles do the borough commanders drive? Is it just a standard BC/DC GMC pickup with cap or do they drive something else?
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    10-75 vs All Hands

    Is a 10-75 the same as an all hands? Is the all hands signal transmitted first and then the 10-75? I see that the division chief is now added on the all hands so that would seem to imply that the 10-75 comes after the all hands.