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    New Super Pumper??

    They spend that much on a truck and can afford to do training on it? Somebody at the top means you get their heads examined for stupid things like this.
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    ENG*283 / DV*15.

    Nice to see that 283 at least have a real siren, you can't beat a Q2 with anything electronic!
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    FDNY Department Order No. 109-Purple K

    What other units have Purple-K?
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    Co Fermanagh,Northern Ireland Major Factory Fire 11/19/2021

    It also amazes me the small number of apparatus that respond to a major fire like this was a one in Paris compared to how many would respond to the same type of incident in NYC.
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    What does a typical FDNY Battalion Staff consist of

    Or maybe stating it better, he's trying to get the members here to write it for him!
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    Paris, France Major Fire near the Place de L'Opera 11/20/21

    Some good videos especially the interior shots. Compared to FDNY standards I wouldn't call this a huge fire however.
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    Buffalo, NY Major Accident Involving a School Bus & Ladder 6

    thank goodness! Hopefully none of the brothers nor the driver were seriously injured either.
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    BLM is causing issues in many cities. Here in Louisville where we had 1 of the BLM incidents Grand Master J was just indicted because he pointed his weapon at police officers and rooftops watching over his groups march! Hopefully, he will be convicted and put away for a while!
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    Possible war years repeating itself.

    That's true everywhere, members either love or hate being in a busy company and the likes and dislikes are not always younger members versus older members. Many of us who participate here are of the variety loved it being busy and hated just sitting around in the house no matter how big or small...
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    Nine firefighters trapped in Brazilian cave

    RIP, any firefighter death is tragic but when it happens during training it seems to be even worse.
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    What is the cabin of a fire truck called

    You are showing your age, like me, back in the old days before the fancy enclosed cabins the seats were just open, no fall restraints or anything. I remember riding in them many times on an old Mack CF. Of course before that we just were on the tail boards!
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    What is the cabin of a fire truck called

    I've always just heard it being called the "Cab" just like the front where the chauffeur and the officer sit. I don't see why you would call it anything else considering it is the same compartment.
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    I was thinking the same thing, in this case I don't know if going to the vehicle was the best approach although we can't see how it was connected to the engine. That may be why it was done this way. Like you, I don't have any sympathy for the car owner however!
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    Rescue 1

    Unfortunately, FDNY is finding out that the low bidder isn't always the best bidder! Many corporations have changed their buying systems to buy from the "best bidder" and not always buy from the lowest bidder. Maybe this is something that FDNY should consider especially based on the experience...
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    Rescue 1

    Unfortunately from what I've read the E-One and Ferrara rescue rigs are basically the same.