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    Squirt Apparatus

    Columbus, Ohio had 5 of them many years ago. They went with the engine company on every run. GMC chassis, no pump. Basically, a hose wagon with the boom attached. Nice for laying a 5 inch supply line to the engine.
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    Columbus, OH Firefighter dies after battle with cancer

    Didn't know him personally, but knew the name. RIP Brother.
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    FDNY apparatus placement

    Most of the areas that I worked in Columbus, Ohio had alleys. SOP's were for the 2nd due ladder to try to get to the rear(3 side). Tillers could usually make it, aerial platforms, not so much. They also carry 1000 ft of 5 inch diameter supply hose on every engine company. The engine companies...
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    7/2/22 Manhattan Apparatus involved MVA

    Backing up a tiller is tricky at first. Kinda like backing in a boat trailer. Hands at 3 and 9 o'clock, right hand goes up, trailer goes right.
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    Rescue 1

    The blue number one with the white outline on the front grill looks great.
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    I don't have a dog in the fight, but I have seen on some of these videos TL-44 worm there way into a good position more than once.
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    Wow those front lights look just like a Sutphen! Nice looking rig........
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    High pressure pumpers

    No hi-pressure pumpers in Harlem or Bronx? Are the apartment buildings not enough stories to justify? I've never been to NY, btw.
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    National Pizza Day

    Saturday's were ''pizza nights'' at my Dept. We made about 14, cooked about 8-10. We froze the rest for a Monday night football late night snack.
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    Super Bowl - CFD vs LACFD Bets - Your Super Bowl Game Predictions

    Hope the Bengals get it done for Joe Burrow. Best halftime for me was the Stones.
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    Boston MA OMD Basement Dorchester 2/8/22

    Love the stache chief!
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    My dept. before I retired used both from Sutphen mainly. I always preferred the Cummins. I just looked up Pierce new deliveries and some are speced with Detroit diesel engines.
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    Just curious, what motor does FDNY spec? Cummins or Detroit?
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    Rockerfeller christmas tree fire

    The news said and the location matches, E-65.
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    Boston,MA Fast Food Restaurant Fire 10/1/2021

    A Mcfire! :LOL: