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    1/11/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 934

    Good way of getting on the dispatchers s_ _ t list. 😏 Might start getting relocated more often, unless things have changed from years ago.
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    12/28/2020 Brooklyn All Hands Collapse Box 1454

    Strange out of order engine response. Usually 228, 201, 282, 241. Maybe unavailable.
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    12/22/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2683

    Squad 1 must of been released from box 1055.
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    12/14/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3783

    I believe we lost that box, along with a few others on 13th Av. low 40's, since moving off 5th Av.
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    9/29/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1550

    Don't forget there was an all hands in Sunset Park(9th ave & 51st St.) shortly before this job. Must of been a couple of relocators for that job.
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    9/16/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2367

    That used to happen often during the “war years”. Units in the 40 Bn. Would get a 1400 or 2600 # box & while responding we were told the box was in Harlem, etc. where they had the same numbered boxes. I’m sure it worked the other way too, since we were quite busy back then.
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    9/12/20 Brooklyn 5th Alarm Box 3847

    That's correct for the box.
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    9/12/20 Brooklyn 5th Alarm Box 3847

    E247 was up from an EMS run close by & wound up 1st engine at scene & got the front of the bldg. Good timing.
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    9/12/20 Brooklyn 5th Alarm Box 3847

    I would think E247 goes before E242 & E243. Straight run up 13th Ave.
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    9/5/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2630

    Used to be 114’s home box.😢
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    8/30/20 Brooklyn All-Hands/Under Control Box 1461

    UnfortunatelyOOS. Permanently.😤😢
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    8/30/20 Brooklyn All-Hands/Under Control Box 1461

    Probably L148, heard L109 go 10-8 from an 1100 box, so they missed it.
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    Budget crisis

    How long will it be before they will start “working “ on FDNY retirees pensions & the rest of city & state pensioner’s? No tax $’s coming in to state & city coffers. Businesses closed, people leaving the city, firms no longer need all the office space with their employees now working from...
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    Budget crisis

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    7/27/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 2666

    Would be E 278’s first due box.