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    New Seagraves

    On the back step over the rear camera and Seagrave label it looks like a small compartment under the fourth part of the hose bed. Is it a compartment and what is it for?
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    New Rearmount order

    And to take delivery of 55 rigs will be at least a year and a half or 2 years. That will spread out impact
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    9/29/21 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 3538

    The way I was taught size up, the first floor is the floor you go into the building on, which looking at the google map picture there is stairs going up to the entrance doors to the building. That would make this a five story building. It probably has no interior stairs from the first floor to...
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    10/2/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 2971

    2972 is 45/58 home box at Vyse and Tremont This box is a block and a half down towards da Farms from their FH
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    9/18/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3602

    In the picture from the post #9 exposure 2 address is 2745 and 2A is 2743. Exposure 4 is a corner building that look like it fronts onto a different street. Not to be a problem on this but that's why I thought the address might be 2739.
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    9/18/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3602

    I don't see a 2741, it could be 2739 with exposure to 2743.
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    9/15/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 3379

    A bit of a busy area lately
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    9/14/21 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 3832

    B Bottle stretches, usually flushed out Clorox bottles, where widely used back in the days of vacant buildings. It was much safer to drop the bottle and pull up the line then to stretch up broken or missing stairs. Also it alleviated the problem of walking over lines when you had to stretch...
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    Don't forget the Mets strips and logo
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    New Site Software

    I don't see what you are pointing at on my screen. Those three lines are not there
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    New Site Software

    I did that but it only minimizes the lower ad not the top ad and I have to do it each time I click on something The top ad takes up half my screen and I don't see a way to minimize it
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    2 questions 1-Is 50 Engine second on da box or is it 50 Truck mistype 2-What else was going on that 63, 39 and 51 have relocators
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    8/28/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 3643

    Same box as the all hands the other day 3619 Olinville
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    8/24/21 Manhattan All Hands Box 0854

    Urban renewal????