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    News of Members

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. The procedure on Wednesday went well. I see my surgeon for follow up on Tuesday November 30th. I have 1 more major abdominal surgery needed. Hopefully I will get a date for this when I see the surgeon. I am expecting sometime in February. This, I hope...
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    News of Members

    Congratulations Captain!
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    Richmond,VA 3 Dead After House Fire 8/15/2021

    A Richmond FF was seriously burned trying to rescue the children. He is at the Virginia Commonwealth University Burn Center and will need surgery on both of his hands due to full thickness burns. Please keep him in your prayers for a full recovery.
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    News of Members

    All, Thank you for the well wishes and prayers. Quite an unexpected turn for my family and I. All of your call, emails, texts and messages have gone a long way in helping us all in beginning days of recovery and getting back to normal, whatever normal is these days. Please keep the prayers...
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    News of Members

    A little late to the party, but Happy Birthday Rev!
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    News of Members

    Great hat you are wearing in some of those pictures!
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    News of Members

    And Happy Belated Birthday to Chief JK!
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday to our Senior Man, Uncle Wilfred!
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    News of Members

    Happy belated birthday Dan
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    Just for fltpara16

    When I was transferred to the Chief of Training, they told me I was being assigned a take-home vehicle. Well Ray, you have exposed my "take home". It is a two function vehicle. 1. A "command vehicle" for running training evolutions; 2. A "fund raising" vehicle peddling ice cream so I can buy...
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    New Members Brief

    Welcome to the site! There are many great friendships that have been born because of this site. Must reading includes Johnny Gage's "Gory Days" and Glory Days post, and the History post including the War Years. There is one character on this site, nfd2004, that insist pizza from Connecticut is...
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    The results are in

    Was it Pepe's where our Senior Man, Uncle Willy, got roughed up by the Waitress?
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    DeKalb County,GA 5 Dead After House Fire 1/9/2021

    CFDMarshal, was Robbie on this job?
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    Members We Have Lost - May They Rest In Peace

    Rest in Peace Brothers
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    Merry Christmas to all on this site and their families! 2021 will be a better year!