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    Beyond The Fires - 2021

    Thanks for this post. The job has always been more than putting out fires, we all have many if not more stories of non fife incidents than fires.
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    Correction to previous post on Lieutenant Smith. His name is ‘Ormond‘ and mass is at 234 Mac Donough Street, Brooklyn. My bad! Jack (68jk09) mentioned his son Warren worked with him at Eng 275. Just another note Smitty always showed up for the reunion party every 1/31, until Covid halted it...
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    Just received word of the passing of Ret. Lieutenant Armando Smith, Eng 279. Lt. Smith was a WW 2 Navy Veteran who I believed joined the FDNY in 1951. His first assignment was at Eng 230, I remember him as a quiet and respected Lieutenant in Red Hook.. A mass will be held on Friday, December...
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    11/29/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1933

    Another example of a good Chauffeur knowing his response area and positioning apparatus. Means so much to the operation and confidence of the company’s reputation. Great Companies over the years can be attributed to the leadership of the officers and the no-coms (Chauffeurs)!
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Thanks I assumed coal but didn’t realize the rest of the crew needed for the operation of the pumper.
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    To any historian out there, Question- What was the fuel the pumpers used on those horse drawn apparatus and how long could they operate? And I’m not talking Horsepower!
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    Paris, France Major Fire near the Place de L'Opera 11/20/21

    Great video confirms what I felt about Paris Firefighters. I was in Paris a few years back (before Covid) and had the opportunity to speak to some of Paris Bravest. They were more interested in FDNY as I was about them, lol. Very enthusiastic about there fire service. Paris is much like NYC...
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    What does a typical FDNY Battalion Staff consist of

    As a retired FDNY living outside NY and travel, I often ask those ‘how and why’ questions to Brother Firefighters and Sister's I meet. I have no problem talking firefighting. I consider myself a ‘Combustion Suppression Consultant’ who works for a beer or two. To answer a question or two that...
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    What does a typical FDNY Battalion Staff consist of

    The positioning of the company apparatus is up to the company officer, especially on the first alarm. On multiple alarms the incident commander may and will give specific instructions to incoming units. But as a Chauffeur and Officer I valued the judgment of a good Chauffeur, be it ECC or LCC...
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    What does a typical FDNY Battalion Staff consist of

    Every Battalion in FDNY works the same shifts as the Companies in the field. So in a typical Battalion there are 4 Chiefs assigned and four Aides, who are full duty Firefighters. The Battalion Chief is assigned per Box Assessment. A Chief would not normally be assigned to a Medical run, car...
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    11/12/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2820

    Interesting positioning of aerial (L168 ) took into consideration the overhead wires. Mark of a good Chauffeur.
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    11/8/21 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 389

    Long ride for L159, nobody closer?
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    11/5/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2243

    What is the Minimum Manning for Engine and Ladder Companies. At what point is the Company OOS?
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    COVID closings Why not the FDNY or NYPD?
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    COVID closings

    DiBlasio won’t back down, this is his farewell to those who opposed him for 8yrs.