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    Valley Stream NY (Nassau) Fire (I hesitate to call it "working") 6/25/22

    Yes Retired Lt Bobby "Bucky" Sarno was in some of the photos.
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    6/24/2022 Queens Box 5781
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    It is with deep regret the officers and members of Valley Stream Engine 2 announce the passing of former Chief of Department Thomas Bartsch. Tom joined the department in October of 1964. After rising through the ranks he served as Chief of Department in 1978 to 1979. Tom was also appointed a...
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    5/16/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3652

    3500,3501,02,03,04,05 06,07,08,09,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,3600 are the boxes physically inside Seagate. 3511,18,19,20,21,22 are along W 37 and might hit addresses in Seagate.
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    5/16/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3652

    Yes Ocean Parkway is the border south of Ave V FOR THE MOST PART.
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    5/16/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3652

    Rescue 2 was 84 in under 11 mins I believe it was. They were right behind BC33 and pulling up with the 2nd alarm. They also beat in the 8th by mins. Rescue 2's new firehouse is in a prime location now and gets them down south alot faster.
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    5/16/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3652

    Photos also online
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    5/12/22 Queens All Hands Collapse Box 7446

    Photos also up online.
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    4/29/22 Queens 10-75 Box 1095

    Better late then never lol
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    Accenture is the company who worked with groups of dispatchers.
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    4/29/22 Queens 10-75 Box 1095 Video coming soon! Was on way home from funeral and got in right behind first due companies.
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    4/14/22 Queens 10-75 Box 6693

    not mine