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    8/17/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3559

    I guess E 244 missed this one.
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    8/15/22 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1542

    I grew up around the corner at 43 E. 16th Street. Classic Queen Anne.
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    8/12/22: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 2372

    From another site, all hands fire at 681 East 83rd Street, Brooklyn. Report of people trapped. B 41 reports fire in a 3 story PD, one 10-45 removed. Later reports two 10-45s. D 15 reports fire under control at 1158 hrs with one 10-45 code 2 and one 10-45 code 4. Assignment might be unusual...
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    8/12/22 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 268

    If E323 relocated to E 248, they must have relocated somewhere not on the rundown. E 248 did not respond to the fire.
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    Belated happy birthday, Tom.
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    8/11/22 Manhattan All Hands Box 548

    S18 first due?
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    8/10/22 Queens 10-75 Box 1224

    Awesome pictures
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    From another thread on this site, the boat currently in New London is Marine 9, the Fire Fighter II.
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    8/6/22 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 0977

    Half a block from The Eye of the Storm: E 280/L132.
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    News of Members

    Happy Happy Steve
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    8/3/22 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 3797

    Interesting having 3 LSO with only four engine companies. Sounds like the old days.
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    7/30/2022 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3726

    10-45 code 4; fire PWH by D 15.
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    7/30/2022 Brooklyn All Hands Box 3726

    Extra E&T; possibly E310 and L174. One 10-45 no code.
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    Once again, one of the big FDNY fireboats in in drydock at a repair facility on the Thames River in New London. It is clearly visible from the Southbound lanes of the Gold Star Memorial Bridge. Perhaps someone can identify it. The second fireboat at Mystic Seaport is clearly the Alfred E...