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    5/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 9123

    Grew up 2 blocks away on Vleigh and 77th Road (diagonally across from 55-6545 12/30/16) and remember when all the smaller homes were bought up and knocked up for more elaborate (and probably built cheaply built) stuff. 0600 on Memorial Day...vacant..hmmmm
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    5/8/22 Queens 10-75 Box 9504

    Is that the corner where Joe Abbricciamento restaurant used to be?
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    4/29/22 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 4148

    Was 50 truck mechanical or something else that they didn’t get in till the 3rd?
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    4/27/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 3738

    Like again a relocator sent in on a request for an extra unit .... L19 10-8 acting 52 goes into the fire right after getting in the area once again leaving a large area north of the fire up to the city line unprotected which was the reason a relocator was sent. The 52's are a must-fill correct...
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    4/28/2022 Queens All Hands Box 4475

    Is this the old Alexander's/Caldor that also had/has an entrance on Main Street many moons ago?
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    4/15/22 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 162

    I have mentioned this in the past .... seems to be the new norm for the last year or two. Throw out the running cards and leave the same neighborhoods devoid of coverage when the relocators get assigned. Four sections of Ladder 1 last night.
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    4/12/22 Staten Island All-Hands Box 0053

    Good stop based on those tightly packed buildings
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    4/12/22 Staten Island All-Hands Box 0381

    yeah i had it on broadcastify on the phone on the way to work. I had to book out of the way of SQ8 on Victory and Arlene. They just came out of nowhere lol. I do miss the black accents like the old rig though.
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    4/12/22 Staten Island All-Hands Box 0381

    79 must have been annoyed
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    Side note on the craziness tonight …. BC47 operating at box 5299 with 331 and 128/143 for an outside compactor fire at Home Depot on Rockaway Blvd by Resorts World Casino and Aqueduct
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    3/30/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 4758

    21 acting 302 and 311
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    They’re at the 5th.
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    E8 to 299 237 to 315 271 to 301 123 to 125 170 to 152
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    I’m assuming 299 and 301 are in there. I thought I heard Ladder 34 as well. And 125 rolled up on it right after the 19 transmitted the 10-75. TL160 also went in on the 2nd. Citizen app shows a TL in front but not close enough to grab any numbers.
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    3/30/22 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 4374

    So was 125. They were on the 2nd