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    9/12/20 Brooklyn 5th Alarm Box 3847

    Two questions regarding the run down: 1. Can we assume that E253 has returned home to their quarters. It seems like a long run, on the 2nd, from E245’s quarters. 2. Any idea where E254 was. I would think that they would have responded on the 4th or 5th. Thanks.
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    9/11/20 Brooklyn All Hands - Box 1931 (delayed)

    Approximately 0915 BC58 reported using 2 & 2 for a fire in a fryer at Popeye’s at 850 Pennsylvania Ave between Stanley Ave. & Linden Blvd. A few minutes later BC58 reported using all hands - under control. No special units. One story 20 x 20. Assuming all available, probably: E290, 257, 332...
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    9/6/2020 - All Hands Box 5407

    Location: 104-20 217 St PD, 2 story wood frame 30 x 50 Audio was scratchy but it sounded like L162 gave the 10-75. Assuming all available - could be Engines 304, 301, 317, 251 Trucks 162, 150, 165 (Fast) Batt 54, 53 Rescue 2 (R4 was at the 3rd alarm Box 7051) Sq 270 Div 13 RAC 4 (not sure if...
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    9/6/20 Queens 10-75 Box 9277

    I think you mean L136.
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    8/28/20 Queens 10-75 Box 7620

    E292 added as the 4th engine L163 Fast L136 s/c truck
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    7/31/20 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 381

    2nd alarm - for relief ONLY - transmitted at 0357. E216, 226, 221 & BC35
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    7/19/20 Queens All-Hands Box 5532

    I believe it’s E251 before E317, assuming everyone was available.
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    6/27/20 Queens 10-75 Box 5387

    That’s a pretty long run for 303/126 to be first due and 302/155 to be 2nd due. Where were E317/L165 and E301/L150?
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    6/24/20 Queens 10-75 Box 5842

    Relocations: E285 to E311 E313 to E317
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    5/27/20 Queens All Hands Box 6845

    Were E317 & L165 initially unavailable? E275/L133 pass E317/L165 quarters on their way to this location.
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    3/13/20 - All Hands 7873

    Batt 49 used all hands for a rubbish fire behind a commercial building at 37 Ave & 74 St. Box had been loaded up do due quantity and quality of calls. E307, relocating to E274, missed the run.
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    Operation Reference Book - Twelfth Edition Available

    The twelfth edition (January 2020) of Jim Griffiths? ?Operational Reference? book is now available at: The Fire Zone Store The NYC Fire Museum FSP Books & Videos Those that have seen any of the previous issues need no further information. If you?re an FDNY buff (or a buff at all) this book...
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    Listening to Broadcastify on an Ipad

    I?m having a problem when I listen to Broadcastify on my IPad and I?m hoping someone can help me. Quite a few times the audio just stops playing. In order to continue listening I have to go through the motions of starting the audio again but I can?t just hit the play arrow to start it back up. I...