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    10/19/20 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 4841

    If you don't know, don't guess. E.63 was originally on White Plains Rd. Ladder 39 was on E.233rd St. between Katonah and Kepler Aves.
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    10/16/20 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1142

    Just an FYI: 10-75 is a "request" for a full first alarm assignment including special units. ALL HANDS is a notification signal that all first alarm units are operating. Don't confuse the two.
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    Wen the Superpumper was in service, there were street grid maps citywide that showed where the best locations were to operate from. Specific intersections had water mains that weren't cross-connected and they could get a supply via 4 1/2" hose from up to three different water mains. This was...
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    The results are in

    The only way you'll ever get something NEAR N.Y. pizza out of state is if you truck Anywhere that pizza is made that wants to be as good as NY pizza would have to have NEW YORK WATER trucked in to make the dough!
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    9/17/20 Queens 10-75 Box 5013

    Advanced fire on arrival, fire out 2 windows. You don't know by looking if there may be front and rear apartments until you count mailboxes in the lobby. First line is always what the officer calls for. In this case, it's a short stretch, even for a four-man engine. You can't go wrong in...