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    45 minute Cylinders

    What's the current thought on switching from the 30 minute cylinders to the 45 minute. Like, not like, Good like More air, Too Heavy, was the department retrained when they were implemented or was there just a switch?
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    Conveyor POD

    What is the Conveyor POD?
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    Diamond Plate Board used by FAST Truck?

    What is the diamond plate board being used by the FAST Truck?
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    Fire Run Reporting?

    Who completes the "Run Reports" for runs? ex: Engine 999 goes to a car fire with Ladder 888. Who does the report about the incident? I hear alot of times "foward the particulars to the battalion" Just curious..........
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    SCBA cylinders

    Has the department gone to 45 minute cylinders for all fire companies?
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    Mack Rearmounts was it 38 truck that had one?

    Anyone remember the rearmount Macks? Any Photos? What were those other rearmount ladders called, the super long reach, about 130feet
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    Engine Co.232 Disbanded

    Is there any true to the stories we here around the firehouse as to the closing of Engine 232. 1. They closed the company on Superbowl sunday? 2. They called E232 to HQ and took their Engine while the company was inside HQ. Just rumors I guess but would like to know the real story. Also How...
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    Rescue Medics!

    Are these new Rescue Medic Ambulances assigned to specific EMS Battalions and still respond as a normal ALS unit when not assigned to 10-60's. Or are these Rescue Medics assigned to EMSSOC and have no assigned area and roam the city. Basically, how do they respond and where are they assigned.
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    FDNY Uniforms

    Does anyone know the brand of FR Uniforms the FDNY is currently wearing? Thanking everyone for their help in advance.