01/25/2017 - All Hands - Brooklyn Box 3956

May 17, 2011
Box 3956
297 Lenox Road
Report of Crane Hitting Building

12:25 BD to B-41 we are giving you a Major Tactical Response - Reports of Crane hitting building and ceilings coming down inside several apartments.

12:26 L-113: Payload hit side of building - No visible damage at this time - Going inside to check on repots of ceiling collapse

12:31 B-41: Keep resources coming in - We do have structural damage - a crack from parapet down to ground on exterior of building - Evacuations of A Line and Building are underway.

Possible partial list so far -
E-248, 249, 255
L-113, 147

L-132 SOC Support Truck also transported RC-2
L-170 SOC Support Truck
SOC - Compressor
SOC - Logistics
Car 10

12:38 B-41: BD can you get an ETA on Buildings with a rush.

12:39 BD to B-41: OEM and Buildings are responding.

12:46 FC: Can you put a priority call in for the utilities, also OEM to respond and updated ETA for Buildings.

12:53 FC: Using All Hands - Structural integrity has been compromised on 6-story 100x200 H-type on Front Exposure 4 side wing - Crack runs from base to roof.  Still waiting on Utilities, DOB, and OEM.
BD to FC: OEM has crew enroute, DOB states 30 minutes, contacting Utilities 

13:14 FC per D-15:  Primaries are Negative Throughout - Waiting for DOB - FC going 10-8 - numerous other SOC units went 10-8 

13:27 D-15: PWH releasing E-249, E-255, and L-147

13:35 D-15: Do we have an ETA on Buildings

13:38 D-15: We get that ETA yet?  BD: They are going to give us a call back.

13:39 BD to D-15: Buildings is giving an ETA of 15-20 minutes

13:45 D-15: Evacuating Exposure 4-A as a precaution.

13:49 D-15: Do you have ETA on TAC-2.  TAC-2: 5 Minutes out.

13:50 D-15: Can you have a transit authority respond to the command post in reference tot he subway that runs along Nostrand.

13:53 D-15: Can you have the Communications Engine report to command post.  Also the 2 and 5 lines that run along Nostrand need to be shut down
S/C E-332-Comm

14:32 D-15: Requesting 2 Trucks for relief.
S/C L-147(reassigned), L-132


Also B-35 and E-221 went out on a box in their local to secure a crane.