2/20/21 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 3544


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Apr 13, 2012
Only block from E328 L166
Yes, can see the hi-rise from quarters

Brooklyn announcing phone alarm box 3544, 2832 West 23 Street, Neptune Avenue to Mermaid Avenue, smoke on the 11th floor

10-77 transmitted for Box 3544, Fire on the 11th floor

BC43 to BK: We forced the door to 11A, food on the stove. We’re venting and checking for extension. No need, we’re gonna hold...(message got cut off)

BC43 to BK: Moderate smoke condition. In the process of venting. All searches in the building are complete and negative.

10-77 units and special units went 10-8, sounds quickly K/D.

“Kings of Neptune” E318/L166 First Due