2/28/12 Brooklyn Box 971 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, 2/28/12

Address: 1154 Pacific St between Franklin and Bedford Aves

08:14 hours
Phone Box 971 - Report of fire in a multiple dwelling
Engs 280, 235, 219
Battalion 57

08:14 hours
TL105 available assigned

10-75-971 - 08:17 hours
L102 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 37
Division 11
Rescue 2
Squad 1

08:17 hours
Now receiving apartment 4A

7-5-971 - 08:19 hours
Battalion 57: We have heavy fire on the 2nd floor of a 6-story class 3 non-fireproof old law tenement, require an additional engine and truck, using All-Hands on Arrival, I'll have my aide give you a size up in a minute.  Trying to verify the address.
E249, TL111 S/C

08:21 hours
Battalion 38 assigned replacing Battalion 37

08:22 hours - Duration 9 minutes
Battalion 57: Box 971, we've got a 6-story class 3 occupied multiple dwelling, fire on the 2nd floor of the address 1154 Pacific St.  At this time we have 2 lines stretched, 1 in operation, fire's Doubtful, All-Hands, k.

08:22 hours
Receiving report of fire on the fire escape, apartment 5F

Exposures are:
1 - street
2 - 4-story brownstone, attached
3 - courtyard
4 - 4-story multiple dwelling

08:24 hours - Duration 11 minutes
BC57: At this time the main body of fire has been knocked down, primary searches still ongoing, people still being removed from the fire escape on the front side, and the fire remains Doubtful.

08:29 hours - Duration 15 minutes
BC57: Just an update, primary searches of the building have been conducted, and the apartment is 2H.  Dimensions 100x150.

08:31 hours - Duration 18 minutes
BC57: Primary searches are complete and negative.

08:34 hours - Duration 21 minutes
Division 11: Box 971 we have fire in apartment 2H on the 2nd fl, primary searches on the fire floor and floor above are complete and negative, we have 2 lines stretched, 1 in operation, main body of fire has been knocked down, we're going to stay Doubtful.

08:38 hours
DC11: All-Hands Box 971, Probably Will Hold.

08:45 hours - Duration 32 minutes
DC11: All-Hands Box 971, secondary search, fire floor, floor above, and all floors above, complete and negative, fire is Under Control.

Relocations: E218/214, TL124/111