3/8/12 Manhattan Box 1713 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY, 3/8/12

Address: 735 West 172 st @ Haven Ave

08:36 hours
Phone Box 1713 - Report of fire in apartment A22 on the 2nd floor.
Engs. 67, 93, 84
TL45, T34
Battalion 13

Also receiving report of fire on the 3rd floor.

10-75-1713 - 08:39 hours
L36 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 16
Division 7
Rescue 3
Squad 41

CIDS for 735 West 172 st:
Multiple dwelling 6 story 100x100 class 3.  Wing stairs. Unable to cross over above lobby.  A apartments on exposure 2 side, B apartments on exposure 4 side.  A.k.a 135 Haven Ave.

7-5-1713 - 08:43 hours
Battalion 13: Be advised it's a 3rd floor fire, unknown what apartment yet.  Use CIDS for the address, 1 is a street, 3 and 4 are streets, and 2 is an alley.  All-Hands.

08:44 hours
BC13: We have 1 lines stretched in operation at this time, we have water on the fire.

08:45 hours - Duration 10 minutes
BC13: Apartment for the fire is A32.

08:46 hours
BC13: Primary search in the fire apartment is negative.

08:49 hours - Duration 14 minutes

08:55 hours - Duration 20 minutes
Division 7: We had a fire in apartment A32 on the 3rd floor.  The primary in the fire apartment and floor above are negative, we have secondaries in progress in the fire apartment and floor above, we are Probably Will Hold.

08:59 hours
DC7: Apartments A32 and A22 have been checked and are negative.

09:01 hours - Duration 26 minutes
DC7: Secondaries in the fire apartment and floor above complete and negative, Battalion 13 is Incident Commander, Division 7 is 10-8.  Fire is Probably Will Hold.

09:14 hours - Duration 39 minutes
DC7 for BC13: At Box 1713, fire is Under Control, units are in the process of taking up and will go 10-8 as they become available.  Division 7 is 10-8, Battalion 13 is Incident Commander.

09:16 hours
BC13: Box 1713, be advised electric power has been removed from apartment A22 and A12, can you have ConEd respond.

Relocations: E80/95, L30/36