4/14/12 Queens Box 1962 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
South Jamaica, Queens, NY, 4/14/12

Address: 115-77 Sutphin Blvd @ 115 Dr

05:16 hours
Class 3 Box 1962 - Automatic alarm
Engs 302, 275, 303
TL155, L133
Battalion 51

05:17 hours
Now receiving phone alarm reporting fire, 2nd floor rear in apartment 2R

05:17 hours
L133 advises they are responding with 4 firefighters

10-75-1962 - 05:18 hours
E302: 10-75, it's a 1-story commercial, it's on 115.
TL142 S/C
L126 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 50
Division 13
Squad 270
Rescue 4

7-5-1962 - 05:23 hours
Battalion 51: Box 1962, using All-Hands, fire in a 2 story commercial, address 115-77 Sutphin Blvd, 1 line stretched in operation, trucks are opening up, searches underway, we have a heavy smoke condition issuing from the exposure, k.

05:26 hours - Duration 12 minutes
Division 13: We've got a mixed occupancy, its 60x100.  1 is a street, 2 is street, 3 is a rear yard, 4 is a 1 story commercial.  We've got 2 lines stretched, both in operation at this time, trucks are opening up, fire is Doubtful, searches in progress.  We're going with the address 115-77 Sutphin, the 115 rd address, that's the 1 story.

05:28 hours - Duration 13 minutes
DC13: 1962, fire has been knocked down, making good progress, trucks are opening up, searches in progress, we'll transmit a 10-41 coded 1, mixer-off message.

05:35 hours - Duration 21 minutes
DC13: 1962, we're going to go Probably Will Hold, primary searches are negative at this time, secondary searches in progress.  We'e going to need Dept. of Health to respond, we have the juice farm at 115-77 116 ave.

05:45 hours
DC13: Box 1962, at this time we have 3 lines stretched, all in operation, we have minor extension to the basement and floor above in this building, we're going to stay Probably Will Hold, secondary searches still in progress.

05:48 hours - Duration 34 minutes
DC13: Box 1962, secondary searches still in progress, we're going to go under Control

Relocations: E299/275, E319/308, L151/126, TL162/155