5/10/12 Bronx Box 3816 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
Wakefield, The Bronx, NY, 5/10/12

Address: 718 E232 St between White Plains Rd and Barnes Ave

04:52 hours
Phone Box 3816 - Report of fire in the basement
Engs 63, 38, 62
L39, TL51
Battalion 15

04:53 hours
Battalion 15 requests 4th engine due to nature of calls.

10-75-3816 - 04:54 hours
E63: 10-75 the box, 3 story private dwelling
L32 (FAST Truck)
Battalion 27
Division 7
Squad 61
Rescue 3

7-5-3816 - 04:58 hours
Battalion 15: All-Hands on arrival, k, we've got fire out the rear windows.  I'll get back to you with a size up.
L61 S/C

05:02 hours - Duration 11 minutes
BC15: Box 3816, we have 2 lines stretched, 1 in operation, primaries on the 1st and 2nd floors are negative, the fire is Doubtful at this time.  Size-up is 25x50 and the exposures are: 1 is a street, 2 is an alley, 3 is a yard, and 4 is an alley.

05:04 hours - Duration 13 minutes
BC15: At this time all fire has been knocked down, it's Probably Will Hold.  THe primaries on the top and the attic are still ongoing, k.

05:13 hours - Duration 22 minutes
Division 7: Progress report for Box 3816, primary search complete and negative at this time, secondary searches in progress, still checking for extension and still Probably Will Hold.

05:21 hours - Duration 31 minutes
DC7: 3816, secondary search com and negative, place the fire Under Control.

Relocations: E68/63, L38/39