6/21/21 Brooklyn Collapse Box 1175


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Apr 13, 2012
148 88th Street between Colonial and Ridge

Reported balcony fell, BK giving the 40 the major collapse response (RS02, E227 w/ Collapse Unit, E250HMT, HM, HMB, TSU2, L169SSL)

E242: Transmit the box, we have a partial collapse of the exposure 4 side of a PD, K

BK to E242: You have the major collapse response

BC40: We have a portion of the 2nd floor balcony that collapsed, the building appears to be in good shape other than that. All occupants are accounted for.

BC40: At this point you can have whoever is on the scene and Div. 8 continue in, anyone else can go 10-8.

RB, SB, E250HMT, HMB, E227Collapse, L169, SOCLogistics, SOCCompressor, CTU1, TSU2 all 10-8

BC40 to BK: You can release SQ01 from the Box

Div. 8 to BK: Can you have TSU2 respond back to Box 1175

Div. 8 to BK: Gonna drop down to E242, TL149 and BC40. We had a collapse of an 8x16’ section of a 2nd story porch. They’re gonna await buildings. Div. 8 is 10-8.

E242, E284
TL149, L109
BC. 40
RS05, SQ01
Div. 8
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