6/30/20 Brooklyn Water Rescue Box 3595


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Apr 13, 2012
Brooklyn announcing 911 Box 3595, reported person in the water @ The Boardwalk and West 37 Street

BK to BC43: All we have is a reported woman in the water between Coney Island Beach and possibly Sea Gate

Rescue 5 to BK: We are on your frequency responding to box 3595

M-3 to BK: 10-min ETA to box 3595

BC43 to BK: You can return all special units, we have the victim on a longboard, they pulled her off the rocks. Members are performing CPR as we speak.

Rescue Battalion, TSU-2, Rescue 5, Squad 1 are 10-8

"Kings of Neptune" E318/L166 First Due

E318, E245
L166, T161
BC. 43
M-3, Marine Batt

*Marine Battalion almost immediately got assigned to a Manhattan water rescue after this box, West 46 Street @ the Hudson River*
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