7/24/08 Manhattan Box 612 - Large oil spill at UFA building


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Nov 27, 2007
Gramercy, Manhattan, NY, 7/24/08

Address: The Uniformed Firefighters' Association Building @ 204 E23 st between 2nd and 3rd Aves

12:04 hours
Phone Box 612 - Report of fuel spill in the basement
Engs. 16, 14, 5
TL7, L3
Battalions 6, HazMat
Squad 18 (HazTec)
HazMat 1

Call came  from building, Department of Environmental Conservation rep on scene reports several gallons of fuel oil spilled in the basement.  Building has been self-evacuated.

12:11 hours
Battalion 6: Box 612, we do have a confirmed spill, approximately 1000 gallons spilled.  We have 1 foam line stretched precautionary, awaiting HazMat.

BC6: Box 612 we will continue to use units on scene. We have a  10 minute ETA for the fuel removal company.  The spill is contained.  It is #2 fuel oil.

12:15 hours
Division 1 up from box 119, responding in

12:22 hours
BC6: Box 612, we will go with a 10-80 code 1 (HazMat incident with no contamination).  We're going to have the outside fuel company handle the clean up.  Battalion 6 requests Division 1 on scene.  Put the incident Under Control, cleanup is in progress and building has been evacuated, no additional units required.  Be advised, the building is the UFA (Uniformed Firefighters Association) Building on E23rd st.

12:25 hours
Division 1 is 10-84.