8/12/08 Manhattan Box 887 - HazMat


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Nov 27, 2007
Midtown Manhattan, NY, 8/12/08

Location: IND "B" line @ 7 Ave/W53 St station

10:02 hours
Phone Box 887- Multiple calls reporting people overcome by fumes (HazMat Matrix Response)
Engs. 23, 54, 34
L4, L2
Battalions 9, HazMat
Rescue 1
Squad 18 (HazTec)
HazMat 1

10:03 hours
Safety Battalion available assigned in

10-80-887 - 10:06 hours
Battalion 9: 10-80 code 1 (HazMat incident requiring special units), we have people coming out of the station complaining of eye and throat irritation.
Battalion 9 is designated the Operations Sections Chief
TL35 is the FAST truck
Battalion 8 (Site Active Control Leader)
Division 3

10:08 hours
BC9: At this time we're evacuating the station.  All personnel are remaining upstairs until HazMat arrives.

10:08 hours
HazMat Battalion: Have a Decon Task Force respond

10:09 hours
Division 3: Have transit stop ALL train traffic coming through the area

10:09 hours
BC9: The command post is on 7th ave just north of W53 St.  At this time transit has trains bypassing the station.
DC3: We need a complete shut down of all train traffic through the station

10:10 hours
DC3: Have PD close off the site for at least a 2 block radius.
Battalion 8 re-designated the Decon Task Force Chief
Battalion 10 S/C as the Site Active Control Leader
E16, TL7 S/C

CIDs for IND W53rd st/7th Ave station:
Siamese and sound-powered phone hookup @ S/E corner of 53 st and Broadway in front of 1688 Broadway

10:13 hours
DC3: We're almost 10-84, and traffic is still moving down 7th Ave, advise Battalion 10 we're going to need 7th Ave shut from 54 st down

10:15 hours
DC3: Have 7th Ave closed from 54 to 51 sts.

10:16 hours - Duration 18 minutes
DC3: We have rescue downstairs, they're not picking up any readings at this time, we may have an elevator motor that caught fire

10:16 hours
Car 11B (Chief of HazMat Operations) is responding

10:19 hours
DC3: Have a transit rep respond to the N/E corner of 53rd and 7th.  Have remaining companies continue in on a 10-20 (respond in at reduced speed).
Battalion 6 S/C as Transit Liaison at 354 W54 St

10:24 hours - Duration 26 minutes
DC3: At this time, we're using Rescue, Squad, and the HazMat Battalion.  We have 40 civilians on the street for evaluation.  It appears to be an overheated elevator motor.

10:27 hours
DC3: We have no readings at this time, it appears it was a burnt out elevator motor causing irritation.  All the victims have been treated and have left, they were complaining of burning eyes, we're going to go Under Control.

10:31 hours - Duration 34 minutes
DC3: At this time, Battalion 6, TL35, Battalion 10, and Battalion 8 are going 10-8.  We have 2 victims being treated by EMS, they will be 2 10-45 code 4 (Green Tag, Minor).  Request all train traffic to resume, but have trains continue to bypass this station.

10:43 hours
DC3: EMS has advised us they're treating another victim, that's going to be 3 10-45 Code 4s (Green Tag) at this time

10:46 hours
DC3: EMS is advising us of a 4th person being treated, that's 4 10-45 code 4s (Green Tag) at this time

10:54 hours
DC3: We have units downstairs operating the fans, we have trains bypassing through the station, clearing out some of the smoke at this time.