8/9/08 Manhattan Box 498 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan, NY, 8/9/08

Address: 530 E20 St between Stuyvesent Oval and Ave C

20:21 hours
Phone Box 498 - Report of fire on the 7th floor, caller in Apt 8C
Engs. 5, 16
L3, TL7
Battalion 6

20:23 hours
Battalion 6 to Manhattan, start out the 3rd engine, I'll get right back to you!
E14 assigned 3rd due

10-75-498 - 20:25 hours
BC6: 10-75, I've got fire on the 7th floor of a 13 story class A fireproof building
L11 is the FAST truck
Battalion 7
Rescue 1
Squad 18
Division 1

20:26 hours
BC6: Box 498, make Stairway A the attack stair

CIDs for 530 E20 St:
13 story 250x125 class 1 MD.  200 feet SW of 2nd traffic light off of 1st ave.  Standpipe A, stair C, and M floor, then 1 through 11 floors interconnected between buildings

20:29 hours
BC6: Direct all units respond into the Oval, 530 E20 St

7-5-498 - 20:30 hours
BC6: using All-Hands, 1 line stretched in operation for  fire on the 8th floor.

Exposures are:
1 - similar attached
2 - courtyard
3 - courtyard
4 - road

20:31 hours - Duration 11 minutes
BC6: All primaries are underway at this time
Manhattan receiving report of fire on the 10th floor, caller Apartment 9D.

20:32 hours - Duration 12 minutes
BC6: We're reporting main body of fire knocked down, primaries still underway.

20:33 hours
BC6: Primaries on the A stair well from floor 5 to the roof are negative, primaries on the fire floor are negative, main body of fire has been knocked down.

20:34 hours -Duration 14 minutes
BC6: Corrected fire apartment is 7C on the 7th floor.  Primaries are negative

20:39 hours - Duration 19 minutes
DC1: Box 498, primaries in the B staircase to the roof are clear

20:42 hours - Duration 22 minutes
DC1: Secondary searches in the fire apartment and in the hallway are negative

20:46 hours - Duration 27 minutes
DC1: At Box 498, Probably Will Hold.

20:48 hours
DC1: Transmit a 10-41 code 1 (Suspicious fire in an occupied structure)

20:50 hours - Duration 30 minutes
DC1: Fire is Under Control