9/2/16 - Hurricane Hermine Preparations Begin


Dec 28, 2009
With Hurricane Hermine set to make its presence known sometime later in the day tomorrow(earlier south), the mayor and FDNY have begun preparations. As per the afternoon press conference, Chief James Leonard had this to say;

"We continue to monitor this situation very closely with the Mayor?s Office and our partners in all the partner agencies you see up here. We are well prepared for any contingencies. We?ve activated our storm activation plan. We are in a planning stage right now to support all of those functions ? search and rescue, provide emergency medical services, also down tree task force, pump operations. Any type of emergency that we will work with we are prepared to implement. We?re making ? we?re evaluating now to see where they?re going to ramp up. As the storm progresses, we will make that decisions."


The Swiftwater Operations Van was at R5/E160 making a delivery earlier today, so i'd expect that ramp up to really kick in to high gear tomorrow. While this might not be as big as Sandy, it will last a lot longer(I've been studying weather most of my life, and am registered at the National Weather Service/NOAA as a spotter.), in fact, its likely to last from Sat night-Tues night. This means that while, yes, it'll be smaler in size than Sandy, it will still be parked on us, meaning the water will have no where to go...it'll keep piling up. The surge will likely be worse then Sandy due to this and a stronger wind field.

Its borderline worst-case scenario for Jersey shore folk, so if you know of any, i'd advise them to seek shelter.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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Jun 22, 2007
Thank you "NYBravest82" for that info.

If these plans are being made now, then I expect they have a pretty good idea of what is about to hit.

I'm about 140 miles northeast of S.I., but today the Emergency Management people were testing radios in my area. That only happens means they suspect some kind of activity.

I'm sure the City of New York will be ready for the worst.

And of course to all the Brother/Sister Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT/Medics, Utility workers, please be very careful out there. If things get bad you all could find yourselves operating right in the middle of it.

  Thanks again to all, for the work you do. 


Sep 30, 2011
Is there a list of units that are gonna be put on ? I imagine squad 800 on SI, safety & rescue Battalion 2, extra Battalion or two, extra division chief, maybe Rescue 6, some swift water units, Carolina skiff teams, High Water Units, some 500 & 700 units. Staffing the BFU's & SSL's & MARC boats, field Comm 2 maybe a 3rd TSU, adding 5th man to select engines, SOC will probably have extra guys in to staff the utility support and dewatering unit as well as the Hytrans high capacity pumping units & staffing the ATRV @ 329 Just guessing here


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Jan 20, 2014
So far I have heard Rapid Response 79,161,150,121,146,169