Amityville NY Person Under 6/7/21


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Apr 1, 2007
From Long Island Fire Wire:

Last night (6/7/21) just after 9:30 pm the Amityville FD responded to the Amityville train station for a person who had been struck by a train. Chief of Dept. 1-1-30 and 2nd Asst. Chief 1-1-32 arrived on scene within seconds and confirmed they had a person under the train. 1-1-30 advised the dispatcher to to have Heavy Rescue 15 respond 1st Due and to activate the Town of Babylon Technical Rescue Team which is comprised of members of Amityville, East Farmingdale and West Babylon Fire Departments. The crew from 15 along with Asst. Chief 1-1-32 began to quickly size up the scene and once the power to the track was confirmed to be off, were able to begin extricating the patient. The crew gained access to the patient and begin to treat the patient’s injuries, as well as free the patient from under the train. While the crew from 15 worked under the train Engine 1-1-2 secured a water source on the north side of the rail road parking lot for a landing zone for the helicopter landing, and Ladder 1-1-5 set up on the north side of the tracks in case the patient had to be lowered down via the ladder. Crews from Amityville, West Babylon and East Farmingdale worked together to extricate the patient in about 35 min and loaded them into the helicopter to be transported to Stonybrook University Hospital for their injuries. ( Photos Courtesy of Ex-Chief John Ippolito of Bay Shore FD)
Units on Scene:
Chiefs: 1-1-30, 1-1-31, 1-1-32, 1-1-33, 1-5-30, 1-5-31, 1-9-30
Engine: 1-1-2,1-5-7
Ladder: 1-1-5
Heavy Rescue: 1-1-15,1-5-3,1-5-4,1-9-15
Tech Rescue: 1–5-28
Ambulance: 1-1-11, 1-5-29
Medic: 1-1-81

Amityville FD photos:!.jpg!!.jpg!!!.jpg