Ardsley, NY- Large Area Brush 05-25-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 05-25-21
Time: 1750hrs
Location: 14 Birch Hill Road
Description: Large area brush, op's on Fire 14

1750hrs- CMD on location with large area brush

1830hrs- M/A Irvington to scene.

1900hrs- M/A Thornwood for Mini-Attack 19 to scene, enter from Ardsley Road

1910hrs- M/A Hastings Engine 45 and Dobbs Ferry Tower 23 to cover Ardsley

1915hrs- Redirecting Hastings E-45 and Dobbs Ferry L-23 to the scene for manpower.

1918hrs- M/A Tarrytown Engine to cover Ardsley

1921hrs- M/A Fairview Engine to the scene, enter from the pistol range on Sprain Road

1923hrs- M/A Hawthorne for a brush truck to the scene.

2000hrs- CMD rpts fire is out, units mopping up.
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