CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. Commercial Structure Fire July 24, 2021


Jan 3, 2012
The Randolph District FD is a fire department located in a rural farming area, therefore we run all water tenders for our water. We do have 3 real fire hydrants which is located in our area just beyond the Town of Farmville limits. Yesterday morning at 6 AM we were 1st due to a rental storage building 40 feet X 125 feet heavily involved. This was probably the only time I remember in the last 10 years where we layed out about 500 feet of 4 inch supply line from a hydrant to our Engine 42 at the fire scene. Also we used our Partner K 950 saw to cut through 36 roll down metal doors. Quite a workout indeed. With our 30 tooth carbide blade from Fire Hooks Unlimited it felt like we were opening up a taxpayer in NYC. Thanks Bob Farrell for your great tools. Also we had not used the saw in 10 years and used an entire tank of fuel. Three deck guns and one hand line were used to extinguish the fire. Both mutual aid fire departments in the area with ladder trucks did not have any drivers, as a ladder pipe would have been a big help. Possible cause was lightning may have struck the metal roof and ignited the wooden roof trusses. The fire is under investigation by the fire marshal. The Randolph District FD was first due assisted by the Cumberland FD, Farmville FD and Prospect FD.