December 7, 1941 PEARL HARBOR...NEVER FORGET !


Aug 8, 2009
From the SPAAMFAA Facebook page:

Honolulu Fire Department

Today, we remember the three HFD fire fighters who made the ultimate sacrifice by responding to the surprise attack on December 7, 1941. Engine 6 was the first to arrive at Hickam Field, joined by Engines 1 and 4, under a mutual aid agreement with the Federal Fire Department.
While responding, the companies learned a bomb struck the airfield’s water main system causing all hydrants to be out of service. This was the first wave of the attack. The fire fighters still fought to stretch hose lines, position rigs, and fight fires, as the second wave of attack planes appeared overhead. For 15 minutes, they endured a barrage of bullets and bombs. When the enemy fire finally stopped, Fire Captains John Carreira and Thomas Macy and Hoseman Harry Tuck Lee Pang had died. Along with the casualties, Lieutenant Frederick Kealoha, Hosemen George Correa, John A. Gilman, Moses Kalilikane, Patrick J. McCabe, and Solomon H. Naauao Jr. were wounded.
The entire HFD showed extraordinary courage, fortitude, and professionalism during that Sunday morning 80 years ago and in the following days. The HFD's nine fire fighters were the first and only civilian fire fighters to receive the Purple Heart.

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Thank you Ray.

RIP. Never forget.