FDNY Gets Big Fans For Safety


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Dec 20, 2006
New York - The FDNY will receive a $35,000 grant today to fund a trial program that could help battle blazes in skyscrapers and the gift will be named after a firefighter who lost his life at the World Trade Center. The donation, given by the Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. and coordinated through Wells Fargo Insurance, will pay for a pair of large ventilation fans that can be placed in the stairwells of high-rise buildings on fire.
The pressure created by the experimental fans should help keep the flames at bay -- while serving as a fitting tribute to the memory of Peter Vega, who died during the Sept. 11 attacks.

"I think anything that recognizes what guys like Pete did that day is a great legacy," said Firefighter John Sorrentino, who shared a Brooklyn Heights firehouse with Vega. "He was a great guy, a smart guy and a terrific firefighter."

Vega, 36, was on the Ladder 118 truck that was immortalized in a Daily News photograph as it sped toward the burning towers. He and the five other men on that truck were all killed when the Trade Center collapsed.

Vega left behind a wife, Regan, and a daughter, Ruby, who is now 6. His mother, Maureen Rosenberg, was an employee at Wells Fargo but was too grief-stricken to return to work after her son's death, and it was her loss that inspired the gift to be named after Vega, an FDNY spokesman said.

Written by Daily News