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May 6, 2010

FIERY OVER HIS PARKING Hasidic man held in hate assault on Black Bravest

FIERY OVER HIS PARKING Hasidic man held in hate assault on Black Bravest
A Hasidic man, in a racist meltdown over a parking space outside a Brooklyn firehouse, slammed his car door into a Black firefighter’s knee and called the man a “n——-” before fleeing the ugly scene, authorities said Friday.

The hate-fueled motorist slapped another firefighter’s arm and blocked a firetruck inside the bays at Engine Company 211-Ladder Company 119 on Hooper St. in South Williamsburg during his rampage as the Bravest squared off with the unhinged man last Sunday, according to officials.

Jacob Deutsch, 55, allegedly hurled the racial epithet at the 42-year-old firefighter and threatened to “go to war” against the man’s colleagues after he was threatened with a summons for pulling his brand new Acura in a spot reserved for FDNY vehicles.

But authorities said Deutsch did not go quietly.

“Hey a———-, don’t write a ticket!” he screamed during the 10 a.m. confrontation, according to court papers. As he pulled out of the first spot, Deutsch then parked directly outside the firehouse’s bay doors, blocking a fire truck that was pulled outside to be washed. He then allegedly exited the vehicle to threaten the firefighters.

“If you want to go to war we can go to war!” Deutsch screamed, according to court papers. “I can have 300 Hasidic men on the block in an hour!”

Deutsch slapped a firefighter’s arm before climbing behind the wheel and opened the car door as he drove off, deliberately striking the firefighter in the leg, officials charged. The FDNY employee was briefly hospitalized with injuries to his knee, hamstring and thigh, officials said.

The suspect drove down the street, abandoned the vehicle and fled inside a nearby community center. Cops identified Deutsch through his license plate, and he surrendered Thursday with his lawyer at a downtown Brooklyn police precinct.

The suspect was charged with assault, menacing, obstructing government administration, leaving the scene of an accident and other offenses.

While he dropped an N-bomb during the clash, he was not arrested on hate crime charges because his actions were not motivated by racial hatred, a law enforcement source said. A Brooklyn Criminal Court judge ordered him held on $35,000 at his late Thursday arraignment.

Deutsch’s wife insisted the entire incident was overblown and laid the blame on firefighters for instigating the argument.

“Those [firefighters] are acting very, very immature,” she told the Daily News. “They grew up to be what they wanted but they did not grow up in maturity.

“They do whatever they like,” she said about the firefighters. “They have the upper hand, but they are human just like us.”

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Jul 29, 2019
I'll give the FF credit for not punching him in the mouth. The wife sounds as bright as the husband.