Garda Killer convicted of Murder


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Feb 4, 2010
On 25th January 2013 Det Garda Adrian O Donohoe was shot and killed at point blank range whilst on a cash escort duty by an armed gang in County Louth

One of the suspects (who was on bail for other offences at the time) left Ireland and went to the US on a holiday visa. He overstayed his visa and remained on illegal in New York and worked construction living between Da Bronx and Yonkers

The Irish Gardai (police) enlisted the help of the US Dept of Homeland Security for help in tracking down the killer and getting testimonys for people who knew him around Da Bronx / Yonkers

In 2017 the US Dept of Homeland Security with assistance from US Marshals, Yonkers PD and NYPD arrested the suspect in Yonkers and extradited him back to Ireland.

Yesterday he was convicted of Capital Murder and will be sentenced next month. Capital Murder carrys a minimum sentence here of 40yrs here

The Irish Gardai put on the record yesterday that without the help of US Dept of Homeland Security, US Marshals, Yonkers PD and NYPD over 4years they would never have got a conviction and brought this guy to justice

There are still 4 gang members outstanding with 2 believed to be in the Boston area. Hopefully the great work by law enforcement on both sides of the pond continues and they can bring these other 2 to justice

RIP Adrian O Donohoe


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