Greenpoint Brooklyn 10 Alarm


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Jan 20, 2014
Does anyone have a run down of the 10 Alarm fire in Greenpoint back on 5-2-06


Jan 2, 2012
Seem to recall the rundown was in the WNYF feature article. I will check as soon as I can access my disk. Perhaps someone has quicker access?


Jun 21, 2011
I went by there not too long ago. Amazing what can happen when that much real estate is conveniently freed up. None of Us on the Forum could afford to live in that area now. 


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Dec 7, 2007
I looked at WNYF, 4th/2006, and found the article ("Firestorm at the Greenpoint Terminal Market", by Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph W. Pfeifer) and, surprisingly, there's no run-down of units assigned but there is a list of times that each alarm was transmitted, from initial to "Box Closed" on 4 May 2006.


Jun 21, 2011
Well Finally Found it.

0535: Box 0036 for a factory; E-238, E-229, L-106, L-146 & BN 45
0536: E-221 (10-14)
0539: R-4, Sq-1 (on phone calls)
0540: Div 11, E-216
0541: 10-75 Ladder 104 (Fast Truck) Bn:35 (10-75 Chief)

0544: 2nd Alarm: E-258, E-211, E-206, L-128, BN 31(Resource Unit Leader),BN 28 (Safety), E-207/SAT-6,Rac-4,Tactical Support Unit 1,Safety Battalion, Field Comm 1, L-119.

0556:3rd Alarm: E-237, E-230, E-218, E-260, L-108,Rescue Battalion 1,Mask Service Unit, BN49, BN 8(Staging)
0559: S/C Marine 1

0618: 4th Alarm: E-271, E-325, E-291, E-226, L-102, L-116
0707: TL18 act. L-146 S/C

0710: 5th Alarm: E-210, E-217, E-235, E-33 act. E-221, L-163, L-12 act. L-119
0715: Marine Battalion S/C
0739: L-9, L-117 S/C
0814: E-324/SAT-4 S/C
0821: E-4 act. E-211 S/C

0832: 6th Alarm: E-73 act. E-206, E-46 act. E-271, E-14 act. E-216, E-312 act. E-259, L-44 act. L-146.
0836: L-157 act. L-119 S/C
0848: Marine 9 S/C

0914: 7th Alarm E-28 act. E-238, E-247 act. E-221, E-309 act. E-206, E-277, L-110, L-176 act. L-108
1146: Mobile Command Post w/ E-233 S/C

1153: 8th Alarm: E-202 act. E-238, E-76 act. E-26, E-281, L-124, L-172 act. L-146. Battalions 32 and 41.
1230: L-113 S/C as new FAST Truck.

1249: 9th Alarm: E-26 act/ E-258, E-94 act. E-206, E-225, E-257 act. E-250, L-120, L-131, BN 44 is now designated the Resource Unit Leader.

1345: S/C Div 14
1402: S/C E-284/SAT3

1519: 10th Alarm: E-236 act. E-210, E-219, E-234, E-332, L-111, L-105.

1805: Relief purposes: E-224, E-214, E-228, E-283, E-240, E-16, E-312, E-239, L-14, L-1, L-7, L-153, L-135, L-151, Division 1, E-9/SAT-1. Battalions: 39 and 40.
1838: Rac-1
2021: L-14, E-222, Marine 9 S/C
2108: E-229 returning to scene.

***Throughout the following day and evening, companies are continuing to operate as hot pockets remain in the rubble.


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Jan 20, 2014
This is Courtesy of Fdhistorian

Brooklyn, N. Y. 05/02/06 @ 05:45 hrs. Greenpoint Section

Box 36 Location: West St. & Quay St.

Fire Complex: A series of ( 10 ) Brick & Heavy Timber, 3, 4, & 5 Story all inter-connected, on West St from Quay St. To Noble St. aprox. 400 x 800 ft. est.

0534  36      E238, E229, E221, E259*    L106, TL146    BC45 
* 4 Engs. / 2 Tks. / Rescue due to numerous calls.

0538  10-75 36              L104 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Marine Co. #6            BC35    DC11

0539  "Battalion 45 to Brooklyn, Give me an extra Engine and another TowerLadder K "
0539  S/C      E216            TL115

0543  "Battalion 45 to Brooklyn, Transmit the 2nd. Alarm. We have fire thru the roof of a 3 story vacant warehouse. Heavy Fire conditions.

2nd Alarm:
0543  2-2 36      E258, E211, E206        L128, TL119      E207/SAT6
    S1 assigned   
"Safety Officer"              BC28
"Resource Unit Leader"          BC31 
Rescue Battalion / Safety Battalion
Fieldcom 1 / Tac Support Unit #1   
Car 4 "david" Deputy Assist. Chief Phiefer (C.W.T.C.)

0554  Division 11 reports: At this time, We have heavy fire all floors & thru the roof of a 3 story, vacant warehouse. We have (2) TowerLadders in operation, along with Marine Co. #6. Fire is Doubtful Will Hold.

3rd. Alarm:
0556  3-3 36      E237, E230, E218, E260    L108        BC49
          "Staging Manager"            BC8
"Air Re - Con Chief "            BC39
Mask Service Unit #1
Staging Area: Franklin St. & Milton St.

0557  Special Call an additional Marine Co.
0557  S/C      Marine Co. #1              Marine BC

0610  "Car 4 "david" to Brooklyn, Urgent ! Transmit a 4th. Alarm. We have fire extension to Exp. #3 A."

4th. Alarm:
0610  4-4 36      E325, E291, E226, E271    L102,  L116

0624  Brooklyn at "Fallback Step 3 "

0642  Fieldcom 1: Progress Report for the 4th. Alarm, Box 36, Car 4 "david" Deputy Assist. Chief Phiefer reports: Fire at this time in (3) Bldgs. It's a complex of about (8) Warehouse's, 3, 4, & 5 Stories, all interconnected. Heavy Brick & Timber construction. We have heavy fire conditions. We have (3) TowerLadder's in operation. (2) Stang's in operation, and Marine Co. #6 operating. Fire is Doubtful Will Hold.

0708  Fieldcom 1: Special Call (1) additional TowerLadder.
0708  S/C                  TL18/146

0710  Fieldcom 1: By order's of Car 4 "david" Deputy Assist. Chief Phiefer, Transmit the 5th. Alarm. Have the (2) Truck's assigned as TowerLadder's.

5th. Alarm:
0710  5-5 36      E210, E217, E235, E33/221    TL12/119, TL163   
Car 4: Chief Cassano, Chief of Operations

0736  Fieldcom 1: Special Call (2) additional TowerLadders.
0736  S/C                  TL117, TL9

0755        E7            L136      BC7 are operating at a small fire on an abandon pier, at the end of North 11th. St. just south of the fire. Requesting a Marine Co. to respond.
0755  S/C      Marine Co. #9 is s/c

0822  Fieldcom 1: Special Call an additional Satellite Co, along with (2) additional 1000 g.p.m. Pumpers, Also, Special Call (1) Battalion Chief for "Water Resource Officer"
0822  S/C      E324/SAT4  E253, E28/238            BC58 "Water Resource Officer"

0832  Fieldcom 1: By order's of Car 4, Chief Cassano, Chief of Operations, Transmit the equivalent of a 6th. Alarm. The Truck's to be TowerLadders. ( Note: F.D.N.Y. Run cards only go to the 5th. Alarm. Anything above are Special Call's. )

6th. Alarm:
0832  6-6 36        E73/??, E46/??, E14/206, E317/259    TL44/TL146, TL157

0840  Fieldcom 1: Progress Report for the 6th. Alarm, Box 36, Car 4, Chief Cassano reports: We have a total collapse of (1) Bldg. Extreme Heavy Fire Conditions. At this time, We have (1) Satellite operating, (7) TowerLadders, & (2) Marine Co's. Situation is Still Very Doubtful. ( Job duration at this time: 3 hrs. / 6 mins. )

0848    Marine Co. #9 was cancelled for the pier fire at N. 11th. St. Now, redirected into the 6th. Alarm, along with Marine 1 "alpha" Marine 1 "alpha" to supply the stand-pipe connection at the Fuel Bulk Terminal on Clay St.

0913  Fieldcom 1: By order's of Car 3, Chief Hayden, Chief of Dept. Transmit the 7th. Alarm equivalent.

7th. Alarm:
0913  7-7 36      E28/238, E247/221, E309/206, E277    L176/108,  L110

0930  Fieldcom 1: Progress Report for the 7th. Alarm, Box 36, Chief Hayden Reports: Heavy fire thru out the (8) Bldg. Complex. We have explosions occurring thru out the complex. We have collapse conditions all the way around. Units are operating out of the collapse zone. Fire is Doubtful Will Hold.

8th. Alarm:
1150  8-8 36      E220, E202, E76, E281  TL124, TL172/146

9th. Alarm:
????  9-9 36      E26/258, E94/206, E225, E257/250    TL120, TL131
    BC44 as a relief "Resource Unit Leader "

1402  Fieldcom 1: Special Call an additional Satellite Co.
1402  S/C      E284/SAT3

1410    Fieldcom 1: Special Call the "Mobile Command Center"
1410  S/C      Mobile Command Center

1512  Mobile Command Center reports: At this time, we are operating with (7) TowerLadders, (3) Multiversal's, (2) Satellite's, (2) Marine Co's. The D. E. P. Are taking air samples. Air Re - Con Chief has been re-called, to re-survey the fire, and determine where the main Hot - spots are.
1512        (BC58 is assigned to " Air Re - Con")

1518  Mobile Command Center: Transmit the 10th. Alarm for "relief purpose's "

10th. Alarm:
1518  10-10 36  E236/210, E219, E234, E330      TL111, TL105

1730  Mobile Command Center: At 18:00 hrs. Special Call (5) Engs, (3) TowerLadders, (1) Satellite, (2) Battalion Chief's, (1) Division Chief for "relief purpose's "
1730  S/C

1849  Mobile Command Center reports: Car 7, Chief Kilduff reports: We have (5) TowerLadders, (3) Multiversals, (1) Satellite Unit, & Marine Co. #6 operating. Still have active fire in (1) Bldg. that is in accessible. Heavy smoke condition in the area.

2322  Mobile Command Center reports: Car 4 "charlie" Deputy Assist. Chief Manahan reports: At this time, we're transitioning into the next "relief" set. Continuing to wet - down pockets of fire. ( Job duration time: 17 hrs. / 48 mins. )

0326  Mobil Command Center: @ 04:00, request for: (6) Engs. (5) TowerLadders, (1) Rearmount Tk. for the "FAST" Co, (1) Satellite, (2) Battalion Chief's, (1) Division Chief for "relief purpose's At this time, continuing to operate with (5) TowerLadder's, (2) Multi - Versals ( Satellites ) & Marine Co. #9 Still have deep seated pockets of fire. Still have a heavy smoke condition.

( Job duration: 22 hrs. / 52 mins. )

0400  S/C      E321, E231, E332, E303, E24, E307    TL149, TL107, TL33, TL121, TL???
Eng. 72 w / Satellite 2    L101 designated "FAST" Truck
BC58, BC10    DC15

0358  Special Call Marine Co. #6 to replace Marine Co. #9 due to tide change.
0358        Marine Co #6

0815  Mobile Command Center reports: Special Call the following Co's for the next "relief" tour. (5) Engine's, (5) TowerLadder's, (1) designated "FAST" Truck, (2) Satellite Unit's, (3) Battalion Chief's, one as a Resource Unit Leader, (1) Division Chief.

0900  The following Co.'s in for relief:
0900  S/C      E237, E239, E277, E301, E10          TL146, TL115, TL170, TL172, TL58
E72/SAT2            L136 designated "FAST" Truck
E207/SAT6  E291/SAT4            BC31, BC6  DC6
"Resource Unit Leader"            BC40

( Job Duration: 27 hrs. / 26 mins. )

End of Report


Jun 21, 2011
Signal73 I like your rundown a lot better. Its in the Details. Size up , Type of Construction and Challenges . 


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Jan 20, 2014
It is not mine at the top of the post it says

"This is Courtesy of Fdhistorian"


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Apr 1, 2007
tperez102 said:
Nice photos of this Job here. It was Hot.
Thanks for posting this link. I hadn't seen Mr. Spak's site before . . . it is AWESOME!  ;)

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Aug 29, 2008
I need a pad and pencil to write the names of everyone that I knew in the EMS section. Blast from the past indeed!


Jun 21, 2011
RAYBRAG In one of the Photos the Greenpoint Job the radiant heat ignites a couple of trucks about 30 40 feet away.


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Dec 8, 2018
Cool to see some pictures of the giant satellite monitor in use, even if the collapse zone kept it too far away to do much more than cool off those rental trucks.